The guide on how to get your brain to remember things better

The guide on how to get your brain to remember things better

We’ve got a huge amount of things we should keep in mind daily.

Don’t be afraid to notice you’re not very good at remembering all this staff, because the problem of how to get your brain to remember things better stays up-to-date.

Have you heard about the representatives of the Extreme Memory Tournament? This summer San Diego will hold a competition comprising these awesome-memory participants who strive to know how to remember things better and share their abilities with the world.

See some of their tips on how to remember things better yourself:

1. Abstract your memory.

We often think of how to remember things better in lecture, or how to remember things better for an exam, but our brain chooses to memorize things like time and space, that is why, according to one of the tournament’s winners, you don’t normally have a problem remembering the place you put some of your things at. Try to use this skill with any other object you’re trying to retain in your head.

Here’s one of the examples of how to remember things a lot better. You’ve got a certain number of things you have to buy. Associate each of them with one of the rooms in your apartment. Like this: you have to buy carrots – imagine there’s a carrot instead of every piece of silverware in your kitchen, you need a toothpaste – imagine there’s a big aroma lamp filled with mint oil in the bathroom instead of a lamp, you want to get some chocolate – picture all the books on a shelf in the living room as chocolate bars.

2. Mind the environment.

Our mind has the ability to take shots of what we experience in general. The question is how to remember specific things that happen better?

There is a set of activities we do every day. The actions we perform become automatic, and those shots taken by our brain become too multiple, that’s why we sometimes cannot recollect a certain action performed on a specific day. It is a characteristic feature of our memory processes.

However, you can learn how to remember short term things better. You may not keep in mind the very process of putting your gloves on a drawer at your friend’s house, but you may take a shot of the part of the room that drawer stands in. For example, there is a glass table near it, or a turquoise vase on it, or some of the things you were telling your friend to get rid of for a long time.

3. How to psychologically remember things better.

Make an appeal to the right hemisphere which is responsible mostly for perception, to find out how to focus and remember things better. It has been proven that the humans tend to remember things that had some sensuous impact on them better. It’s easier to recall a song that evokes some emotions connected with the experience we had while listening to it, or a face of the person we used to laugh with, than to recall a number of the page we read about the methods of linguistic study at.

It is one of the important things while learning how to get the brain to remember things better.

4. Play an acronym game.

When it comes to a certain arrangement of information pieces, there exist special techniques on how to remember things better by forming a word from the initial parts of sayings, phrases etc that need to be memorized.

The authors of the book called "Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning" state that such an approach helps to form a pattern of recovering the information which is encoded in that memorable word you made up.

5. Create a similarity chain.

You probably know that the human brain is so constructed that it always tries to find the answer in itself. What is meant here, is that you subconsciously connect your present experience (what you hear, see, smell etc) to what has already happened to you (and your brain). So, how can you train your brain to remember things better? Try to find as much resemblance between the existing and the acquired information as possible.


22 May, 2018 in Student Portal