effective communication

Getting to know the principles of effective communication

We cannot overestimate the role effective communication plays in our lives. Barriers to effective communication may result in misunderstandings and arguments within any social group.

So, what is effective communication in fact? It presupposes a few levels of understanding. The brain perceives information, processes it and forms reaction. The thing is, every person’s brain performs all operations based on their own experience. Difficulties in understanding appear because we cannot transfer or project what we mean to our interlocutor.

Can we find the keys to effective communication?

Some of the helpful and effective communication tips are revealed in a book called EQ, Applied: The Real World Guide to Emotional Intelligence:

I. Be a good listener.

Listening is one of the most significant elements of effective communication, because you get to know what other people think.

When you listen with the aim to establish mental contact with your interlocutor, you have to focus on what your partner says, and stay neutral at the same time. If you practice effective communication skills daily, you’ll get to know how other people perceive the world and react on its changes. It is important to show them your understanding, and that both of you are on the same page here.

II. Show sympathy.

Effective communication strategies always include sympathetic approach. It means that your partner must see that you support and share their view.

Following the principles of effective communication, you shouldn’t underestimate your partner’s feelings. Put yourself in their shoes and draw a parallel between your experience and the situation your interlocutor tells you about. Try to figure out the ways to solve a problem, as if it was yours. Think of the solutions for your partner, reasoning from the facts of their life you’ve already learned.

III. Stay charge-plus.

You will never earn trust, if you openly show that you judge your interlocutor. Concentrate on everything good you see:

Reveal things you value in your partner

Try to be on the same way in spite of differences in your opinions

Creating the atmosphere of concord is one of the effective communication techniques allowing you to show your point of view later without being treated as an opponent.

IV. Hypocrisy is off the table.

If you don’t mean what you say, it is felt by your interlocutor on a subconscious level. Stay honest talking about both good and bad. Moreover, it is never humiliating to tell people you’re sorry.

V. Don’t play fast and loose.

You have to tell others exactly what you mean. In case your opinion wasn’t met warmly, you should behave friendly anyway so that a person didn’t feel offended. This especially adds up to effective communication in the workplace.

VI. Do not disregard other people’s feelings.

All the world loves a lover.

Everyone wants to be treated with respect, so switch off your habit to be sharp-witted if someone may find it a slur. Be rather kind and outgoing, it draws people to you.

VII. Quiet on the set.

They say, silence is golden. We may often sound unpleasant in a fit of temper, that is why we should mind the pause to not say something we will regret later.

VIII. Concealed is not good.

Importance of effective communication lies in sincerity. You don’t necessary need to reveal the details of all your life story. But you have to stay honest in what you tell other people and not play a double game.

IX. One more effective communication definition

Every person usually holds on to their views and principles, that’s why your judgement of any of it may be accepted as a personal affront. Behaving this way, you practically tell people that they don’t understand how the real world works, almost stating that they are fools. Choose your words carefully and try not to enter into a conflict for every little thing.

X. Communication is steady.

Actual communication is not a one-time thing. It is continuous and stable. Just like energy, it doesn’t go anywhere. That’s why it is important to show interest to your partner, have the desire to keep in touch with them. 

It is probably one of the greatest benefits of effective communication, because it helps to maintain good trustful relationships.


22 May, 2018 in Student Portal