The main steps to earning awesome grades

The main steps to earning awesome grades

Be present: When you want to learn something – you learn. When you look for ways to get good grades – you are present at all the lessons, because you know this is the best way to hear everything straight from the horse’s mouth. You write down the necessary information, take part in study conversations, and do appropriate comprehensive tasks.

Stay disciplined:

  • Get a personal organizer to write down all your tasks and exercises. It will serve you as a reminder as well, put there everything that is in your agenda. Big tasks are easier to cope with, when they are divided into a few tasks. Make up an algorithm of actions and perform each one by one. This will allow you to control the process better and not do everything in haste.
  • Take care of a proper workbook. Choose the one you may put other notes in to not mess up the order of lectures, for example, when you forget your workbook.
  • Don’t forget to make frequent copies of the information stored in your laptop, or send it to a cloud service to not lose anything.
  • It’s not necessary to get rid of all the old paperwork. Save useful material, sort it and put into separate sections for you to be able to use it as a prompt later or if some information slips your mind.
  • Try to observe order at your workplace, do not litter it with unnecessary stuff.

Develop a studying schedule: this is one of the most important tips on how to get perfect grades, because it helps to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Jumping out of your skin is not a good idea
  • Look again at the point on discipline
  • When you study, do it for a certain period of time. Imagine you are at the lesson, and your strict teacher doesn’t allow you doing any stuff except learning.
  • Create a record of appointments and arrange them in descending order from the most urgent to less important one. This habit will assist you so that you needn’t scramble between your duties. Concentrating on one assignment is one of the steps to earning awesome grades.

Know how to get grades up: every person can find studying easier if they try to stick to these simple tips to get good grades:

  • Always complete your assignments. It is a necessary part of your development, as a learner and as a person. This will guarantee you won’t lag behind.
  • Don’t go to the back of a classroom. Being closer to the teacher improves your academic performance.
  • Don’t be late.
  • Take part in the studying process: join discussions, answer the questions etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask a teacher something you don’t understand. The sooner you get the right answer, the bigger are chances you won’t make a mistake.

Learn to write down the necessary information: recording your teacher’s words in your notebook may often show you how to get a good grade on a test.

  • Keep your ears open. Our brain processes immediately the information we percept, and sooner or later it will give you back the information you heard.
  • Writing down the main ideas remains one of the things that show how to get good grades.
  • You should learn to choose the most appropriate information for further understanding. Highlight it in your notebook and revise a few times while doing your homework.
  • While writing, make your records readable to yourself.

The art if reading: you can read when you perceive and understand what you read. Here’s how it works:

  • First of all get acquainted with the text you have to work at: look at the items which stand out like headings, sections, subparagraphs. Pay attention to various diagrams and illustrations.
  • The productivity of our brain increases when we’re enthusiastic for what we read. 
  • A full comprehension is when you tell what the major points are. Looking through the text again, you are able to recover the content of every item you paid attention to in the first place.

Now you’ve got enough knowledge to tell how to check your grades in school yourself.

22 May, 2018 in Student Portal